Isaac’s Story: Taking Life by Storm

As 11-year-old Isaac lay in the hospital recuperating from chemo, he could sense his younger sister was worried. “Sissy, don’t worry,” he told her. “I’m not going down without a fight.”

His fight with Ewing sarcoma began near the end of the 2014 Little League season when he started complaining about pains in his side and knee. His parents tried chiropractic treatments and physical therapy, but nothing helped. The pain eventually became so intense, a specialist ordered an MRI, which revealed a tumor in his spine, and Isaac was later diagnosed with the rare form of bone cancer. He started treatment immediately.

He underwent 14 separate chemotherapy sessions and a difficult month of radiation treatment.

“It’s tough to see your kid being that sick,” his mother Trisha said. “But we also had no idea how brave and resilient he would be.”

Finally, in the summer of 2015, Isaac and his family were told the words they had long dreamed of. He was cancer-free.

Now 13 years old, Isaac is two years out of treatment. He has just finished up the seventh grade and made it on the “A” honor roll all school year.

“He’s doing all the things 13-year-old boys should be doing like hunting, camping, tormenting his little sisters, hanging out with his buddies and playing video games,” says Trisha.

Though Isaac is doing well, very little progress has been made for Ewing sarcoma in the past few decades. That’s why Children’s Cancer Research Fund is funding leading-edge research to eradicate Ewing sarcoma once and for all—so kids don’t have to go through debilitating treatments and long-term side effects.

How donors like you are impacting Ewing sarcoma research

The answers to Ewing sarcoma causes could be locked in a database holding 1,600 iPhones’ worth of genomic data.

And thanks to a gift from a Children’s Cancer Research Fund donor, scientists can unlock and analyze the data more quickly, potentially discovering the genetic markers that lead to this deadly childhood cancer.

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