Dexter’s Story: “Everyone is here for you.”

At 9 years old Dexter developed a bump on his head. "My mom just kept thinking I was hitting my head, because I don't use the ladder on my bunk bed," says Dexter. It was when the bump started growing near his jaw that Dexter's mom, Jen, knew something wasn't quite right. After bringing him to the doctor, they received the sad news that Dexter had cancer.

A biopsy determined that Dexter had neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that usually occurs in infants and toddlers. He then started a regimen of treatments and therapies to defeat the tumors that were in his body.

Dexter has endured multiple surgeries, several rounds of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, MIBG radiation and antibody therapy. After showing no evidence of disease for a year, routine scans have shown that his cancer has returned. There is no cure for Dexter. He is now filling his days fulfilling his wish list of things he’d like to do in his time remaining with his amazing family! You deserve it Dexter.

His advice to kids going through cancer, "Never give up. Everybody is here for you." We're all here for you, Dexter –you are why we fly.

Today, researchers have:

  • Discovered a gene that may cause neuroblastoma. Now, they're studying how the gene is activated in human tumors, how it functions to cause tumors, and looking at ways to target the gene with therapies.


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